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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating provides the best paint protection on the market. This type of coating will prolong the life of your vehicle while also protecting it from road debris and other hazardous elements.

Ceramic Pro Coating

Here at Detail Auto, we only use the best products. We've found that Ceramic Pro is our favorite ceramic coating product on the market. Ceramic Pro provides the best customer service, and the product works. Not only that, they provide a great warranty as well.


Every ceramic job is different, so reach out to 913.207.6675 for a quote. If you have a product you like more than Ceramic Pro, just mention that to us. Click here to see our packages.

Ceramic Pro Coatings

Take a look at some of the coatings that we have completed

Our Ceramic Pro Packages

We offer the following ceramic coating packages. Get in touch for customizing them to fit your needs.

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